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You wouldn't go through your personal life without having a doctor, and having a lawyer for your business follows much the same line of thinking. Complex legal situations are bound to happen, often seemingly out of nowhere. You've invested a serious amount of time, energy, and finances into your business, and having a professional business attorney on hand is the best way to protect that investment. In the event of a lawsuit, a business attorney who already knows the details of your company will give you a significant advantage right out of the gate. Your day-to-day operations will benefit as well. For example, making sure any and all contracts are airtight, or helping to avoid legal pitfalls of which you may not be aware. Contact Fisher Law Office today to set up a consultation to discuss how a relationship with our expert business attorney can benefit you!

Business owners don't need a lawyer who pops in, addresses a problem, and disappears. They need a counselor and advisor who is responsive to the company's immediate needs and is also available to help plan for the future. With a balance of business administration and litigation services, Fisher Law will stand beside your business through times of trouble, and periods of growth.

Serving Company Priorities As a Boutique Law Firm

As a business attorney with a background in business law and related concerns, Peter Fisher provides all-encompassing services to business owners in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Punta Gorda, FL without the distractions that come from a more generalized practice. Attorney Fisher has experience with addressing legal business issues at the administrative, state, and federal levels in Florida and Massachusetts, with a special focus on the construction industry. He has structured his business in a way that allows him to focus on yours, spending the time, care, and attention necessary to help you achieve your business's unique goals.

Avoiding Business Disputes Through Careful Panning

Business disputes with customers, vendors, partners, and employees decrease productivity and interfere with your day-to-day operations and strategic growth. The best way to resolve these conflicts is to understand the pitfalls and avoid them at the outset. This is done through foresight and clear communication. As a practicing business attorney, Attorney Fisher puts a special emphasis on understanding your business's needs while carefully drafting contracts, policies, employee handbooks, and other legal documents. This allows you to establish clear expectations for everyone involved in your company, and avoid issues that would otherwise develop over time.

Protecting Corporate Interests 

Companies face a wide variety of legal challenges, many of which require a balance of legal expertise and creativity. Contractors and business owners may face permitting issues and licensing complaints at an administrative hearing, or, they could find themselves in civil court for anything from a breach of contract claim to a claim by a former employee. When an unexpected complaint threatens corporate interests, you need a business attorney who can understand the issues and rise to the challenge. Business attorney Peter Fisher has experience with defending corporate interests in State Courts, Federal Courts, and a variety of administrative agencies. He pairs his litigation experience with creative solution-making to protect your business priorities, and will help you evaluate your options and weigh the costs of any settlement and/or litigation strategy to ensure that you can make the best choice for your business.

Conserving Company Resources 

Fighting a drawn out and public legal battle may not always be the best strategy for your business. Across the country, over 90% of all lawsuits end in a settlement. In that legal environment, your business's attorney needs to have a firm grasp of all of your resolution options and have an understanding of the strategic advantages or disadvantages of those options. Fisher Law wants to make the most of your legal budget. Attorney Fisher will help you use facilitated mediation, arbitration, and other settlement strategies to negotiate a strong resolution to your legal concerns.

Fisher Law: Personalized Legal Assistance for Your Business

Your business needs more than a suit to show up in court. To meet your business goals, you need an experienced business attorney that will make innovative use of all your business and legal options to maximize your legal budget and move your business forward. 

Let us advise you on your business' legal needs! Contact Fisher Law to meet with Attorney Peter Fisher and get started today. We proudly serve business owners throughout the Fort Myers, Punta Gorda & Cape Coral, FL areas.

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