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Business Litigation in Fort Myers FL


Business Serving Business Owners in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Punta Gorda, FL Areas. You wouldn’t go through your personal life without having a doctor, and having a lawyer for your business follows much the same line of think… Read More
Florida Construction Laws


Construction Homeowners, construction project owners, and real estate investors want their work done right. When it isn’t, it can create complex and costly disputes. Legal challenges can put a construction project on hold, cause expensiv… Read More


Employment Proudly Serving Businesses throughout Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Punta Gorda, FL Employers today need access to an experienced employment lawyer and law firm that will pair proactive employee regulation strategies with assertive… Read More
Civil Lawsuits

Civil Lawsuits

Civil Lawsuits Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Punta Gorda, FL The civil lawsuit is the heart of a business owner’s relationship with his or her attorney. Business owners face the threat of civil claims from or against vendors, curren… Read More

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